Trusted Systems

 California government entities - Uniform Statewide Standards for ECM:

California government entities are developing a ‘Trusted Storage System’ in compliance with the proposed Government Code 12168.7 in which the California Legislature recognizes the need to adopt uniform statewide standards for the purpose of storing and recording permanent and nonpermanent documents in electronic media. The CA Legislature recommends following the AIIM Standard referenced below. 


“Industry best practices and guidelines recommended for Electronic Document Management Systems/Electronic Content Management (EDMS/ECMS) projects, including those required under Government Code section 14756 for local agencies.   Target compliance of  ARP 1 – 2009 released last year by the AIIM Implementation Guidelines Standards Committee,capturing the industry best practices for ECM projects”  --AIIM 2011.


Regulation Approved and effective as of August 8, 2012.


READ MORE   Section 22620.7



NEKO Industries has experience working with both Government Agencies and respected Industry Consultants in providing Enterprise Content Management Solutions that are fully compliant with both the newly adopted Trusted System regulation and the ARP-1 standards.

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