In the increasingly complex regulatory environment, organizational compliance depends on the ongoing alignment of people, processes and technology. Hyland’s content services platform can help you achieve and maintain this alignment and enable your employees to focus on their jobs rather than worrying about compliance procedures.

Supporting your compliance program

Hyland equips your users and administrators with modern tools, automation and intelligence to reinforce your organization’s internal and externally-mandated data compliance policies:

  • Records and retention management automates document retention, archival and defensible destruction
  • Enterprise search supports data discovery and audits, and also enables you to monitor for and help eliminate sensitive information from non-compliant systems and repositories
  • Electronic signatures enable secure and auditable document processing
  • Case management standardizes data handling processes and provides visibility and accountability
  • Customer communications management (CCM) automates the creation and distribution of required compliance communications to your customers and partners
  • Policy distribution ensures your employees receive and acknowledge compliance policies
  • External access to data and reports for auditors and regulators reduces disruption to your business
  • Customizable reporting simplifies audits, helps you prove compliance and provides a comprehensive view of your data and transactions



If your industry has specialized compliance requirements, our industry experts can help you leverage best practices or tailor a solution to meet your needs. Here are just a few examples:

Privacy compliance. If your organization has to comply with GDRP, CCPA or any of the other many privacy regulations, the Hyland platform can enhance your processes around data retention, records requests, customer notifications and more.

Accessibility compliance. If your organization has to comply with Section 508, ADA, WCAG or other information accessibility guidelines or laws, you can choose Hyland with confidence. We take accessibility to heart when we design and test our solutions and offer multiple accessibility features from configurable interfaces to support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, shortcut keys and more. If you need more information on the accessibility of our products and solutions, we can provide our Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs).



To remain legally compliant, not only must you ensure that your documents are destroyed at the appropriate time, you must also make sure that your documents can not be deleted maliciously. From the moment a document enters your OnBase system, it can be completely under control with an un-editable data trail, protected through its lifespan, and automatically destroyed at the appropriate time. 

 OnBase allows your Records Manager to be able to easily implement your retention plans and policies to your electronic documents and records.  OnBase will then ensure that your sensitive documents are not deleted until their official retention period has expired.


Document Retention
Think of all the active documents in your organization – everything from accounting statements to commercial contracts to employee files. How many of these documents have outlived their business usefulness? Can you afford the risks of keeping documents for too long, or not long enough? How can you remember exactly when to purge each document? 

OnBase enforces a structured retention policy across your organization, establishing consistent, automated processes for retaining required documents and destroying expired documents. Reduce expenses, save storage space, and minimize legal compliance risks by eliminating manual retention practices.

 Stop relying on memory, start relying on OnBase!


Records Management
Retaining records for too long is as legally risky as destroying them too soon.

With OnBase, complicated records management is made simple. Flexible retention schedules satisfy complex requirements from state and federal laws to internal policies. Destruction of expired documents will stand up in court, reducing legal risk and the cost of discovery. Inefficient manual retention practices are replaced by a fully automated retention process.

 Prove compliance with less hassle, with less cost.