Control Paper to Simplify Processes, Hire the Best
Candidates Quicker with HR Document Management

As your company’s largest asset, your workforce is the foundation of a productive and creative workplace. Finding and keeping the right employees is absolutely vital. After all, an organization is only as strong as the people who work there.

However, with more people out there looking for jobs combined with smaller HR budgets and staff, human resources has to operate with more efficiency than ever. If you look around your HR department, the areas with the biggest opportunities for more efficiency are probably the areas that rely the most on paper.

By eliminating the paper and manual processes in human resources with document management, you’ll be able to hire the best people faster, get new employees contributing more quickly and keep your current employees happier.

Find the Needle in the Haystack

Today, it’s not uncommon for recruiters to be swimming in a sea of resumes and applications for a single open position. With so many applicants, it’s tough to find the flower among the weeds. OnBase takes out the busy work of shuffling paper to let your team focus just on evaluating skills and experience. It automatically sorts and distributes applications and resumes to the right people for review in your organization.

With one place to go for applicant information, hiring managers and interviewers have all the information they need for interviews to go smoothly and to make smart decisions knowing they have a complete set of information.

Once you’ve chosen a candidate, OnBase creates consistent offer letters with document templates, routes them through approvals, and tracks changes by managers so your organization can get the offer letter out faster than the competition. 

Safeguard Employee Files and Support Compliance

Compiling, managing and tracking employee documents can be a nightmare. With mandates governing everything from age and disability discrimination to FMLA and OSHA, compliance is difficult and time-consuming, especially if you rely on paper and spreadsheets to keep track of it.

With OnBase, each employee has their own virtual folders. As HR captures employee documents, they're automatically filed into the right electronic employee folder. And OnBase tracks any missing documents in the folder.  Running a report across all folders gives a quick view into what documents are missing across the employee base.

These folders also have specific security settings restricting view of the entire folder or just certain documents within that folder. It can also deny change or printing rights for certain users, making sure that employee files are much more secure than they would be on paper files.

With such smart security, you can let employees access documents for their direct reports or themselves without opening the files up to risk, but easing the process on HR and employees. With a simple search, employees can look up documents such as benefits plans, personal work hour records or the status of requests without involving HR employees each time, freeing HR to focus on tasks at hand. Also easing administration, HR can issue policy changes or other essential communications.

Continuing to support compliance and security, OnBase can also handle document retention and records management. Once an employee file has reached the end of its lifecycle, OnBase can purge it automatically or prompt HR to review.

With OnBase document management for HR, organizations can manage employee documentation from recruiting to separation and beyond. Throughout the employee lifecycle, documents are secure, kept in compliance and easy to work with, letting HR focus on what really matters – getting and keeping employees.


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