Document Management

Since the beginning of time, companies have been driven in large part by paper. Employees today are faced with mountains of paper to receive, copy, process, route, file, access, re-file, re-copy, etc. each and every day. A single file cabinet alone contains over 15,000 pages of paper; mostly non-originals and can cost in excess of $18k to fill. Of course more significant are the costs associated with lost productivity as employees waste time searching for misfiled documents, exhaust more energy processing paper than the information itself, or waiting for the paper to clear from a coworkers in-basket or desk.  With the emergence of electronic document management, the vision of a paperless office begins to become a reality.

Businesses can start to focus on the information and not on the routing of paper, combining its data processing and paper processing into a more efficient, fully integrated business solution, a single repository for all your organization's document content

NEKO works with many ECM vendors but has consistently recommended OnBase by Hyland Software for its powerful yet simple solution.  With Hyland Software’s OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution, all your important business content is accessible in one place. Your employees get instant access to the information they need, exactly when they need it, revolutionizing your business processes. Best of all, your information is safe and secure

OnBase is one product, comprised of around 200 components (in-house, we call them modules). Think of these like building blocks, used in combination to create a solution tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Organizations can deploy anything from simple departmental solutions to complex enterprise-wide deployments.

This is extremely cost-efficient, because you only pay for what you use. Since these modules are all part of the same product, they are essentially “plug and play”, allowing your OnBase solution to grow and change along with your business.

Click below to learn about the modular components used to build OnBase solutions

1. Capture: Get your documents and data into OnBase

2. Process: Make your processes more efficient

3. Access: Access your information

4. Integrate: Integrate OnBase with your other applications

5. Measure: Measure the health of your business

6. Store: Securely store, retain and destroy your documents