Document Storage

Nexsan InfiniVault™ data archive technology enables the seamless integration of online HDD
drives and RDX® cartridges for both nearline and offline storage, all in the same infrastructure.
Imation’s innovative InfiniVault active archive appliances are designed for SMBs that must simultaneously deal with rapid, unpredictable growth in unstructured data and rigorous data retention requirements. InfiniVault enables the seamless integration of online HDD drives, nearline RDX drives and off-site cloud storage in the same infrastructure.

Included at no charge with every InfiniVault data appliance, InfiniVault VaultCenter™ management software automates retrieval, retention and protection of data across multiple storage tiers, always placing data in the right place for the right cost.

The Nexsan InfiniVault plays an integral part in meeting the regulations for a ‘Trusted Storage System’ (Government Code 12168.7) that the California Government entities are developing.

Imation InfiniVault Model 35