Software Support

NEKO's approach to post-installation support is one of a customized program, tailored to meet
the specific requirements for each customer and project.

NEKO’s experience has proven support to be a key area in the determination of the success of many document management projects. In a typical scenario, an end-user may call the software manufacturer with an issue only to be informed that the problem is hardware related. Upon contacting the hardware provider, the same scenario takes place until the user is frustrated. Recognizing the need, NEKO, as part of its support program, provides a single point of contact to appropriately diagnose an issue and dispatch the appropriate personnel completely relieving the end-user of the problem.

Several examples of support programs currently provided to NEKO customers are as follows:

 * Simple phone support during normal NEKO business hours

 * Phone support with electronic access to clients systems

 * Phone support with duplicate environment maintained at NEKO

 * Software maintenance and enhancement service

 * Configuration assistance

 * On-site 2nd level software support