Alameda County Housing Case Study

The Alameda County Housing Authority was drowning in paper. In fact, the agency had so much paper they didn’t have room to put it all away. At least 20 percent of documents were stored on staff members’ desks. With so much paper, it was difficult to efficiently conduct re-examinations to determine tenant eligibility.

Using a solution comprosed of Document Management, Workflow and Document Capture; all integrated with their existing Line of Business application not only facilitated the management of documents but proved to increase their throughput, reduce ttheir operational costs and improve their level of customer service.

Accorrding to Jim McRoberts, IT Manager for HACA: “The re-exam solution from OnBase has made us more productive. It used to take two or three people working for a week every month to just prepare the packets. Now we have it finished in a few hours.”

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