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NEKO offers a wide variety of solutions for streamlining business processes using document management and workflow automation minimizing time spent locating information, eliminating the unknown and improving employee efficiency.
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Our mission is your success. Our approach to post-installation support is one of a customized program, tailored to meet the specific requirements for each customer and project.
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NEKO partners with a number of ECM vendors like Hyland Software.

Hyland OnBaseThese partnerships provide our customers with the best solutions available and by working closely with Working closely with engineering and support we can ensure your voice is being heard.
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Document Management

Since the beginning of time, companies have been driven in large part by paper. Employees today are faced with mountains of paper to receive, copy, process, route, file, access, re-file, re-copy, etc. each and every day A single file cabinet alone contains over 15,000 pages of paper; mostly non-originals and can cost in excess of $18k to fill. Of course more significant are the costs associated with lost productivity as employees waste time searching for misfiled documents, exhaust more energy processing paper than the information itself, or waiting for the paper to clear from a coworkers in-basket or desk. With the emergence of electronic document management, the vision of a paperless office begins to become a reality. Businesses can start to focus on the information and not on the routing of paper, combining its data processing and paper processing into a more efficient, fully integrated business solution, a single repository for all your organization's document content

Just as important as the effective management of your documents, are the solutions used to both capture documents and move them electronically through your organization automating your strategic business processes.

Document Capture

Document capture automates and accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, transforming them into accurate and actionable information, and delivering it all into your core business applications, processes and workflows.  Specifically, it is the process of ingesting a document into a document management system and may include scanning paper, importing electronic documents such as MS Word or MS Excel, electronic forms or emails.  The scanning of paper documents, when done correctly, can be used as the legal original copy. Document Capture of paper documents may also include the automatic recognition of the form and extraction of data on the form using advanced recognition technologies including barcodes and typed and handwritten text
Scanning Documents
Scanning documents creates an image of the document in a format that can be viewed online including TIFF, PDF and others.
Every format has its benefits. For example:
 •TIF format: most documents that are scanned are turned into TIFF format, which compresses documents so they do not take up a lot of storage and at the same time enables them to be processed for OCR data extraction, automatic redaction of sensitive data and image annotations.  TIFF has been the default format for over a decade and is widely accepted
 •PDF format: PDF is quickly becoming a standard for document exchange.  Produced from electronic files such as MS Word, PDF produces a small size document.
Importing Documents
Document capture is not just the process of scanning paper documents. Document capture also takes into account electronic documents and eForms. By capturing documents in the native format they can be accessed directly from the document management system and tracked via built in version control technologies.  Most mainstream document management system fully integrate into MS Office for direct saving and retrieval of electronic documents.  This includes integration with MS Outlook.